Character Design: Birdie’s Outfits

Birdie outfits 1Birdie outfits 2

For Birdie’s outfit design ideas, i mainly stuck to a greener theme, using various tones and shades. The greens i used on the first row of ideas were taken from her hair and eyes. The blues i used were from the top half of her hair. The light green and pink design is taken from my water colour paint piece, although that piece wasn’t something i thought came out well i still wanted to try the colours digitally to see how it looked.

Character Designs: Pearl Outfits

pearl dresses colours 1

pearl colour 2

For Pearls’ outfit above, i used for the first coloured one, but then made two more with subtle but similar differences. The first colour outfit i stuck closely to the ones i used in my water colour painting of Pearl. The green-blue on the second colour outfit i used the colour from her eyes and the pink details from her hair. The third colour outfit was a mix of the other two, i used the blue from the first dress and the pink details from the second one.

Animation Characters: Final Name Choice

Pearl Rosetta
The reason why i chose the first name Pearl for my main character is because the pearl gemstone, which is formed and found in clams, is held as something of beauty, with a perfect pearl being rare and even more valuable.
I’d like to use this information to form part of the main characters personality, as she tends to form a shell around her with most people, but when she takes herself out of that shell she is admirable and something of beauty.


Birdie Minett

Since the colour for hope is green I’d like to use that colour for her irises, and her hair as blue as that is the colour for peace.
I’d like to make this character a symbol of hope for my MC Pearl, so almost every part of her character design – whether it’s something to do with colour or personality traits – is linked to hope and peace.

I almost chose Lavender as her last name because as well as being a beacon of hope for MC Pearl she is a person of admiration, and as i stated in my name idea post lavender roses convey that (as well as “Love at first sight” and others). I decided against it as i didn’t particularly feel that it fit right or rolled of the tongue as easily as Birdie Minett.

Animation Characters: Name Ideas

Main Character/Protagonist:
First Name
For my MC i want her to have a name relating to the Gemstone Pearl, as i want her character design and personality to share many elements. For example, with her concept art the colour scheme will be heavily inspired by some of the colours pearls can naturally come in.

The name Pearl is a Latin Gem name.

This name means “pearl” and is a diminutive of ‘Margaret’. The name Margaret also means “pearl” and its origin is Greek.

Spanish variation of ‘Pearl’.

Last Name:
For her last name I’m not sure yet whether i want to go with something meaning unlucky or another negative meaning to parallel the love interest, or to use something similar that has a meaning related to love.

This names origin is French, and the meaning of it is “unfortunate”, “ill-fated”.

The origin of this name is Hebrew, and its meaning is “bitter”.

This name is derived from ‘David’, and its meaning is “beloved”.

This is a Latin name that is linked to the flower of he same name. Depending on the colour, roses can have different meanings, red roses convey love and desire (with 12 red roses meaning “be mine” and “i love you), white roses mean purity and innocence (alternatively called ‘bridal rose, as it is often used for weddings), lavender roses convey enchantment and royalty (they also mean “love at first sight”, and express fascination and adoration), as some examples.
Variations of the name Rose i could use as a last name are: Rosetta (Persian name meaning “Splendid”), Rosette (French variation of Rose), Rosana (Italian variation of Rose), Rosewood (English name), Bellerose (French name that means beautiful rose).


Second Character/Love Interest
First Name:
For this character, i would like her entire design to be based of off “hope”, down to the meaning of her name, colour theme, personality, etc.

This name is linked with the bird called the same thing, this bird is often seen as a sign of “hope” and “peace”.

This name of English origin basically means “bird”, and if i were to use it then i would like it to link to the bird Dove, because as i said before it means “hope” and “peace”.

This name means hope in Greek, and in Greek mythology it was a spirit who was the personification of hope.
If i were to use this name then i would give her the nickname ‘Elle’.

Last Name:
For her last name, i want it to have the meaning of “love”, or something similar.

This English name is from ‘Minne’, the medieval name derived from the Germanic Element ‘Minna’ which means “Love”.

This is a Welsh name, which means “Love.”

This English name is linked to both the colour and plant.
The lavender flower conveys grace, elegance, amd royalty.
As i said earlier, lavender roses convey enchantment and royalty (they also mean “love at first sight”, and express fascination and adoration),