Character Design: Birdie’s Outfits

Birdie outfits 1Birdie outfits 2

For Birdie’s outfit design ideas, i mainly stuck to a greener theme, using various tones and shades. The greens i used on the first row of ideas were taken from her hair and eyes. The blues i used were from the top half of her hair. The light green and pink design is taken from my water colour paint piece, although that piece wasn’t something i thought came out well i still wanted to try the colours digitally to see how it looked.

Character Designs: Pearl Outfits

pearl dresses colours 1

pearl colour 2

For Pearls’ outfit above, i used for the first coloured one, but then made two more with subtle but similar differences. The first colour outfit i stuck closely to the ones i used in my water colour painting of Pearl. The green-blue on the second colour outfit i used the colour from her eyes and the pink details from her hair. The third colour outfit was a mix of the other two, i used the blue from the first dress and the pink details from the second one.