Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.39.39.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.40.01.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-04 at 10.39.48.pngIn class we created a short animation in Maya of these three shapes. The objects move from one end to the other of the map in the viewport. Using the time slider at the bottom to mark keyframes for the movement of the three shapes, and using the playback controls to view what has been constructed.


Puzzle Apps Research

The purpose of puzzle games:

By Tallulah Riou, Harriet Daniel, Slaney Cullen, and Martin Hurst

Puzzles games are designed to make you to think, learn, and test your problem-solving skills, they often challenge the user to change their way of thinking in order to complete the task. The level of complexity and difficulty varies between each puzzle game, some can be casual with a simplistic and minimalist design, or intellectually challenging. 

Monument Valley.

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Wireframing is used by developers as blueprints for a visual guide to help draw out different versions of the app and improve and develop the idea to make a more clean layout so it be will be a more friendly app for the user experience.     

Lara Croft GO

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“Lara Croft GO” is a game that challenges and entertains the player. It is a very simple game, with the plot being the player has to find out the secret of the “Queen of venom” By travelling through a dangerous ancient amazonian civilisation. You have a path that can’t stray from, giving the player a clear idea of where they need to go. This game can bring in new, interested potentials fans and old fans with nostalgia alike.

The game play is an isometric, Top-down puzzle-based platforming game, It has 7 levels, and 4 fight-able characters.

The graphics of the game are sharp and polygonal, with a very smooth clean look. The shapes are all geometric, with very few organic shapes.

The colour palette opts for block colours, that are very earthy and natural, with cool tones to give a more serious feel.

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The user journey is very simple, you can clearly see the menu in gameplay, (displayed as a Diamond icon) and you can access the pause menu, where you can see settings, outfits, and get downloadable content. You can’t save manually, you have to reach checkpoints.

You can also download a DLC for the game “shard of life”, which can really add to the story and experience of the game.

This game is supposed to challenge the player with his/her cognitive skill, and improve on decision making and observance skills.

This game was developed by Square Enix Montreal, and directed by Daniel Lutz

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Draw Line: Cross

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Puzzle Apps User Interface:

Every game has a unique UI and puzzle games often have very basic UI’s, this is because the app is mainly focused on the game itself rather than the UI. This can be a good thing because users will want to get to the game straight away, many other apps will have multiple options such as shop, items, characters, map, social etc. Whereas most puzzle games will simply have  a ‘Play’ option and maybe a social option to share a score afterwards.  

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Related image

The image on the bottom is an image of a random mobile game UI and the image on the top is the UI for a puzzle game, as you can see, the one on the top is a lot simpler. It has a few basic logos with minimal graphics whereas the game on the bottom has a UI loaded with information and imagery. The ‘user journey’ is a lot easier to follow, its just a simple click to play. The colour scheme and art style of the user interface is designed to appeal to children, it is very bright and colourful and happy. A parallel to the UI on the bottom, which has a more mature approach. 

Platformer Game Research List


Night in the woods:



‘Apotheon’ Platformer Game Reseach


 Apotheon logo.png


This game based on Ancient Greek mythology, with the art style mimicking the pottery of the time, is a platformer adventure side scroller. The player is placed in a time of destruction by the Gods as a warrior called Nikandreos who must fight them to save humanity. The humans are deprived of essential supplies (animals, food, daylight) by the Gods and begin to turn against themselves, reaping even more devastation.

The colour scheme within the game consists of lots of warm oranges and yellow, objects and people being black silhouette like forms. These two pieces compliment each other and are beneficial to the player as the black forms stand out against the bright terracotta structures and backgrounds. As stated earlier, the visuals in the game are based on Ancient Greek pottery so the colour scheme and the game’s graphics enforce the time period and plot theme.

Stress and pressure are prominent emotions woven into this video game, the constant presence of the gods wrath on the world and the humans violent self-destructive reaction gives the game an ongoing threatening feeling.

The game includes both (Non-Diegetic) music and (Diegetic) voice acting for the characters – apart from the main character Nikandreos. Using voice acting for supporting characters and excluding a voice for the main character is fairly common within video games, especially platformers. Although reaction noises such as breathing, panting, yelps, sighs, and other sounds are usually used more often that not – definitely more than having a silent MC. Well-known examples (not just from platformers) of this are Link from the Zelda series,

One issue i found watching this play through, is going between floors – specifically down – isn’t particularly clear on a control aspect. The player seems to need to crouch to go down a floor, but this only works



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side scroller moodboard

cabin moodboard

snowy woods moodboard

I want my game to incorporate both indoor and outdoor elements on the map. The indoor places would be small, abandoned houses/cabins where the player can find supplies to survive – like light source refills – and possibly give a place of respite for the player to regain health and/or stamina – maybe by a lit fireplace.
The outdoor areas will take up the majority of the map, the player having to maneuver through a wintry landscape almost completely obscured in darkness.

Maya tutorials

Space Ship:

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 09.18.31

This spaceship was made using cube objects, and manipulating them using the (*) to create this chair like space ship. It was more so as a way to get more familiar with the tools, as Maya is a program i haven’t ever used before.



Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 09.17.50

Another tutorial we did in Maya is creating a Column,

Overall, I did struggle in Maya and creating these objects. I mainly found difficulty in controlling the tools and remembering the steps on how to use them – although this is likely due of my inexperience within the program. Issues aside, I am interested in getting a better understanding of Maya.