Final Logo Design for ‘Bubble Bubble’

Final Logo design copy background

The final design i have chosen for my app is the last out of the six. The reason why i chose this one is not only because it stuck out the most on the design sheet but because it had the most appealing and memorable look.
I can see this design on something like an enamel pin/broach, or a badge – nothing too big or too small, but regardless of its size i fell as though it would stand out.






‘Bubble Bubble’ Logo Designs

bubble tea logo

For my ‘Bubble Bubble’ app i created six logo design with slight alterations between them. I stuck to the pink, purple, and blue pastels colour scheme i have mentioned a few times before both in my book and on this blog. I knew from that start when brainstorming logo ideas that i wanted to make a cup bubble tea the main center piece of the logo, and to have a heart shape be the background.

On my logo design concept sheet above there are only sight differences between each of the six pieces, the main alterations are the line art and arrangement of the bubbles in the bottom of the cup.

Included at the bottom of these logo designs is the exact colours used in the design. I took the code from each colour and put it in the adobe colour wheel, and took a screenshot of it so i always have the exact colours i use for when i further develop the visuals of my app.





Muse program test

Here in this video i made three basic screen to test out the program ‘Muse’ for my app design brief.
I screen recorded moving through these three pages, clicking the link attached to the rectangle button in the lower middle of the screens. Each page has two bright colours to show the significant difference between the three pages when moving through them.

I found the program fairly simple to use – although i haven’t tried making my official final design for my app on it, so i can’t make a final decision on how i feel making more detailed work on the app.

App Design Ideas

Design 1:


Here i made this design on Photoshop, mainly using the shape tool and text tool. I used the three colours (pastel pink, blue, and purple) i have stated previously but slightly darker than my design in the XD program as to make it easier to read the text.
I made the ‘Log In/Sign up’ page, the ‘Home’ page, and the users page title ‘Me!’.
This is only an initial design, i need to add the profile pic (which would be a plain simple image that users can choose which image and what colour they want) and my apps brand logo.
I am quite happy with how this came out, and with a few teaks here and there i might possibly make this my final design.


Design 2:





Design 3:






There are very few differences between the three designs above. The layouts are all the same but the colours have been altered on each piece.


The first one has colours i picked out on their own, the second one has the exact same colours from my Logo, and the third one has the blue from the logos and the pink back ground and minor purple glow from the first one.
Out of the three i prefer the last one.



Design Test W/ Adobe XD


Here on XD i made a rough initial design of my ‘Bubble Bubble’ App.
I found the program very easy and fun to use, it took me a moment at first to get to grips with XD but once i figured out the tools and controls i was able to make a rough design of my app without any trouble.

The design of my app uses very light, soft colours with rounded shapes and forms. I primarily used the two colours pastel blue and pink, with white text.
Although i do like my design and the colours are what i would really like to incorporate into the final design, it is a little hard to see – specifically near the bottom – and the white text layered over the pink bubbles at the bottom doesn’t really work out as i had hoped, therefore i will have to change that in further development.


‘Bubble Bubble’ Logo design ideas




Here i have both the original page and the updated and coloured page of my ideas for a logo.
I primarily want my logo to include a bubble tea cup. I’m leaning more towards a heart shape as the background – like on the third design a the top – rather than a circle – like on the first two designs at the top.
I did move away from the initial ideas and sketched some more minimalist styles. They are based on just the bubbles on their own in various formations. I do not prefer these designs for my app logo in comparison to the earlier ones, as they are more memorable and specific.

‘Bubble Bubble’

My app is called ‘Bubble Bubble’, it is an app based on the drink bubble tea – a drink originating in Taiwan, that is most often tea based with tapioca pearl or fruit jelly in a large variety of flavors. It can be milky, or with crushed ice. Bubble tea can cold or hot.

Its purpose is to help the user find places to buy bubble tea and find what flavors they could try. My app also has a community aspect to it, the user can make an account on the app so they can save their favorite flavor combinations and places to get them. Involved in the community part of my app, users can post about what bubble tea they like on the dashboard that can be viewed by other users who have an account and are on their friend list.

My target audience would likely be mid to late teenagers and young adults – maybe 15 to 25, or 17 to 27 possibly. My app would also be aimed towards people who want to explore new thing, like different bubble tea flavors or places to try them, in an organized, listed sense.

I want Bubble Bubble to have a light and fun look to it, with pastel colours and cute illustrations (e.g. digital drawing of bubble tea cups, the tapioca pearls, cafe designs, and other related images). Pastel pinks, blues, and purples are the most prominent colours I want the app to use. I know for sure i would prefer to use a very light, pastel pink on the backgrounds.

Although i want my app to have fun visuals, i still want it to be very structured and organized, because at the end of the day it is an app based on finding bubble tea flavors and places where i can be found in a categorized, ordered list. If i only put my focus on the system of the app and not enough on the colours and visuals then ‘Bubble Bubble’ would likely be unappealing, off putting, and overall boring.


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Bubble Bubble inspiration apps moodboard copy copyBubble tea art moodboardBubble tea moodboard



Final Evaluation

For my game ‘Scared of The Dark’ i focused heavily on use of light and lack of to create an atmosphere within the environment – how completely stripping the player of relying on the game to supply the safe feeling light usually brings can change they way one perceives the game.

My game is centered around the character Clara, who is stuck late at night in a snowy dense forest without a clear way out. Constantly surrounding her is ‘The Dark’, an omnipresent being of unknown origin who embodies darkness and shadows , any contact with will cause an instant fatality. Clara encounters various obstacles she needs to find her way around to progress through the forest, as well as various strangely abandoned broken down houses. She can’t stay anywhere for long as the dark is always lurking, she needs to get out of this forest before its too late.
The player needs to be aware of Clara’s health, fear, and light. Falling from high places, and falling in the ice cold water will damage her health. Being surrounded by an overwhelming mass amount of the dark and anything that damages Clara’s health will heighten her fear. Light will slowly decline, and running out of matches will kill Clara instantly unless she is near a lit fireplace or campfire – but those fires will only last so long, and moving away from them into the darkness will kill her, so it’s more of a false sense of security to rely on them when the matches run out.

I focused heavily on psychology on my research and ideas, looking into phobias – specifically Nyctophobia (phobia of darkness) – and how i can apply it to my game.
Partial inspiration which help me when i was developing the game was from the two classic fairy tales ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Little Match Girl’. They are both about girls trying to survive, both in different circumstances but nonetheless going through quite the struggle. Red Riding Hood is trying to make it to her grandmothers through the woods with a dangerous wolf trailing her. The Little Match Girl is trying to stay alive in the dead of winter with the snow and cold being a constant threat.
My favorite parts in this project was creating the story and characters .

I used primarily Photoshop to digitally develop my game, i made my character designs, backgrounds, HUDS etc. in the program. I mainly used the pen tool to create sharp, precise forms. I prefer to use Photoshop as it is a program i feel i work best in.
Working in Unreal Engine was particularly difficult for me, i really struggled with the controls and tried my best to create something presentable from my game. Personally, although i do enjoy the design and creating of video games, the programs and technical side isn’t a skill i currently have.

I chose to give my game a mainly black and white – with some grey tones and other minimal amount of colours like icy blues for the water, and bright red for the huds. I played around with different way to present colour in my game, mainly with my background and map design. With the water a started off with a dark blue but changed it to a lighter one to present the climate, as well as make the flooring white instead of grey to present the snow.
As i stated earlier, light and darkness is a very important and imperative aspect in my game. The player is given all the control to survive, with no alternate other than dying but to just keep going through the map until the end of the game. Darkness always carries a sense of eeriness for most, what is lurking in there? Is it something dangerous? Any noise is heightened and often carried with a feeling of apprehension when the brain is strained, and tired, and scared.

Imagine you’re home alone, its pitch black and the lights are broken, there’s no one around – no one you are aware of – and you hear a noise, what was that? You’re supposed to be alone. You see something in the corner of your eye, did it just move? You can’t see what it is, will you find out when its too late? What can you do in this situation? Go to sleep? Can you when there might be something there? Something that might hurt you? Something in The Dark.
That is the feeling i want my game to instill.



‘Scared of The Dark’ Unreal Engine clips


Here i made two screen recordings of some progress made in Unreal, the first video has Clara’s walk cycle and the second video has Clara’s walk cycle and Idle.
I struggled quite a lot with working and understanding this program, my strengths don’t lie in this type of game design – although i do really enjoy in designing games on a more creative and artistic level.

‘Scared of The Dark’ HUDS

HUD Moodboard

HUDS are a very important piece in games, . They hold key information for players – including health, stats, time, menus etc. What type of HUD that shows depends on what type of game is using them. There are permanent HUDS, pop-up HUDs, and action HUDS.

Previous info i wrote about HUDS: 


BackgrondMap with hud copy

I kept my HUDS simple, minimalistic, and easy to see with a block, bold red and clean, sharp shapes. My HUDS are put on the top left corner, so they aren’t too distracting or overtaking.

BackgrondMap with hud newHUDS only

Some small alterations i made is the blue background – the same icy blue from the water, made the symbols a darker red – the light symbol is filled in red rather than just lines like before, and the bar itself on the map is scaled smaller.

The Health symbol is the hearts – fall damage,