Animation Research: Music Videos – Shows, TV, and Film – Artists –

Music Videos:

Dream Wife – Hey Heartbreaker
























This music video uses a very 2d, flat style with. The flow of the animations soon builds up in pace fairly quickly, matching well with the music style. The repetition of some scenes in the animation – like the movement of the robots on the first half – isn’t off putting or boring, it works well in their favor as the movement goes in flow with the music. All the little details throughout the four minuet video, like all the posters and other wall details in the back, the numbers on the hand at 2:02, and the reflection on the persons sunglasses just before at 1:57.

The colour pallet it uses are very soft and easy on the eye. The visuals have a slight watercolour look to it (look into this Tallulah), it gives it a very handmade and real feel. Red is the harshest and brightest colour standing out strongly in all of the video, its used in the title, the laser grid, some clothes and accessories, etc. The sudden colour change starting at 2:32 to express the violence and aggression really breaks the music video up from being too repetitive – in the sense of being stuck with the same mood the bar part gives. Red represents violence, power, and danger, fitting beautifully with the story that is told and creating a mood that matches the music.

Other than the soft art style of the music video, i love the causal futuristic elements implanted in the animation – like the robots, the hover cars, the laser cage. the Casual Futurism is something that has always been apart of my plan with ‘Birds’, and seeing something with similar visuals is helpful and interesting to find.
Like the red in this animation, a colour that runs strongly though my story is the colour green – a colour that will represent a variety of aspects in the storytelling in my animation as red is in Hey Heart breaker.

Overall, the animations and music work together perfectly, creating a story with great visuals that expresses it gorgeously.

Miso – Take Me























The movement of the whole animations is very fluid and smooth, like liquid or smoke. There is constant movement within it, traveling through varies settings and scenes that tell individual small stories. A story shown running through the music video seems to link all with searching, with a feeling that something is missing prevalent through the expressions of the female. The music balances with this video smoothly, as the singers voice is light and smooth with sharp instrumentals, the animation

The surrealism the video expresses creates this strange, unreal mood. The constant (*) of faces fairly unsettling but intriguing.

Soft pinks and reds are used throughout all of the animation,

The fall at 2:23 is something that stood out to me, movement wise. Its very fluid and well put together, the movement of the hair is captivating and gives




Shows, TV, and Film:

Steven Universe






Bee and Puppycat





















(story synopsis and stuff)

Each character in Bee and PuppyCat are all unique and well fleshed out, everyone’s personalities and qualities clear and bright no matter how little screen time they have.

Each episode of Bee and Puppycat is roughly around 5 to 6 minuets long, but pack a lot of adorable comedy and beautiful art.

The art style of the series is far from realism, it uses a cute cartoon style with lots of exaggerated emotions and expression.

magical girl elements.

block, bright but not harsh colours.




YouTube Channel:

























































YouTube Channel:









































Lazy Eule

YouTube Channel:

















Elemental FA

YouTube Channel:







Game Trailer ideas


Related image

A young girl called Ib visits an art museum with her parents, but suddenly gets transported into an alternate world where all the art in the museum has come to life – all with malicious intent.
Ib meets Gary who’s also trapped in this strange universe, and together they try to escape this place through various puzzles and escaping many enemies.


The trailer will include dark lighting, lots of running shots, light eerie music.

A dutch angle with the camera down a long, dark halfway. Gary and Ib can be seen running down in panic, the woman in red painting



Design Test W/ Adobe XD


Here on XD i made a rough initial design of my ‘Bubble Bubble’ App.
I found the program very easy and fun to use, it took me a moment at first to get to grips with XD but once i figured out the tools and controls i was able to make a rough design of my app without any trouble.

The design of my app uses very light, soft colours with rounded shapes and forms. I primarily used the two colours pastel blue and pink, with white text.
Although i do like my design and the colours are what i would really like to incorporate into the final design, it is a little hard to see – specifically near the bottom – and the white text layered over the pink bubbles at the bottom doesn’t really work out as i had hoped, therefore i will have to change that in further development.


Establishing Shots

Depending on the film and the genre its in, the style and aesthetic of an establishing shot would vary.

Here are two examples of film and TV using establishing shots:




The TV show ‘Gotham’ uses lots of dark and grim themes in their establishing shots, a theme that matches with the story of the show, but it’s busy with the light of the towering and foreboding city buildings. The night scenes incorporates dark shades of blues, so as to add to the dreary looks.



These two examples have very similar colour schemes and looks within their establishing shot but the feeling each give off the the viewer is very opposite. Gotham uses a depressive, and foreboding. Where as, the Harry Potter establishing shot encompasses a feeling of wonder and excitement(*).
There’s a feeling of ‘i want to avoid most places in this city’ and ‘i want to explore every part of this castle’.

Animation Brief: Background Designs Pt. 2

background buildings 1

This background was made with photoshop, primarily using the pen tool. I used google maps street view as a reference, as to help me keep the proportions of the buildings correct. While creating it, I focused a lot on shadow and light as to give more dimension in this piece .

sofa room

In the end, because i trimmed down the final idea of my animation, this background was never used. I used photoshop to create this, just as i did with the rest of my backgrounds.

Animation Techniques Timeline

animation technique timeline

Thaumatrope – This 19th century toy consists of a disk with pictures on each side. Two strings that are attached to each side is twirled between the fingers to rotate the two images to create one combined picture.

Phenakistiscope – Showing a short loop of movement, this device is often known as a first well-known creation to show a fluid animated illusion.

Zoetrope – A widely recognized device of animation illusion is the Zoetrope, it shows a sequence of images that spins in a cylinder with vertical slits on its walls.

Flip Book – This is a book that uses an amount of pictures (illustrations, photographsy, etc.) that slowly and subtly differ per page to create a moving scene.

Praxinoschope – This device, invented in France, is similar to the Zoetrope. It continues to use sequence of images, but includes inner mirrors in a circle, replacing the vertical slits from the Zoetrope.

Kinetoscope – Used for the recording of live television, this devise uses the screen of a video monitor with a lens focused on it. (By the way i think i got the date wrong on the image above, one specific date is difficult to find as it differs.)

Cinematograph – This devise is a camera that captures motion picture film.

Game Theme

I have chosen a sci-fi theme for my work, and my three teams will feature robots as the racers. I want to avoid my theme going to a dystopian sci-fi theme and more so go down the path of a more futuristic and technologically advanced London.
I want to include a lot of mechanical changes to the environment, along with a lot of focus on glowing light with intense colours.

info about sci-fi