Animation Assignment Treatment

The name of my animation will be ‘Pearl and Birdie’ (or ‘Pearl & Birdie’)
The story idea with the theme of hope that i want to use in my animation will lean towards other themes like love. The main point of hope would be personified as the love interest for the main character, as the love interest will be a source of  positive motivation, desire, and admiration for the less than fortunate MC who is trapped in a negative and harmful environment.
My core age demographic will be around 15 – 25 year old females.
I aim for my animation to be 90 seconds. As it will only be a short animation, I want to keep the amount of characters (at least the onscreen ones, or ones with names) to a minimum. Too many pieces will make it complicated and crowded – Pearl, Birdie, and the story is the main focus.

I want to create my animation mainly in Photoshop, as that is a program i am confident i will be able to create a good animation from. Although Photoshop isn’t particularly an easy or known program for animation,  i am more comfortable to use it compared to others.
I would like to add voice audio to my animation, but am unsure whether it would be better for my characters voices to remain up to the viewers interpretation and imagination. As for soundtrack, i would like to use light hearted, soft, and sweet sounds and music, as to compliment a light, pastel colour theme that will be used.

The movement in my animation will primarily be in the face, using facial emotions and expressions to guide the animation and its story, as well as text to indicate when and what the on screen characters are saying.

As i have never formally animated before, there will be a few risks and obstacles in my path, more so relating to skill, knowledge, and lack of experience in this line of work.

I hope to have my animation finished by the due date for the ‘Sense of Hope’ competition, so the minimum of three weeks.

animation plan.jpg


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