Hope in Animation Research: Animated TV Show

Over the Garden Wall


Over the Garden Wall is an animated TV miniseries show released and broadcasted in 2014  by Patrick McHale for Cartoon Network, based on the short Tome of the Unknown by the same person.
The deuteragonists Wirt and Greg get lost in a large forest called The Unknown that contain an abundance of magical and fantasy elements. Along the way they meet Beatrice, who is actually a human girl who got turned into a bluebird. The main antagonist The Beast stalks them, they are a strange, ominous creature who steals peoples souls by making lost souls lose all hope and by doing so eventually turns them into Edelwood trees.


The show generally uses very darker, natural, and less harsh tones and colours within its animation, specifically when the main characters are faced with eerie, threatening, and unpleasant situations – which is often the case.
Since the deuteragonists Wirt and Greg got lost within this deep forest, that is usually a major part of all the backgrounds.


Hope is deeply rooted in this miniseries, as every character hopes for something. Wirt and Greg hope to find the way back home, Beatrice hopes to turn back into human, The Woodsman hopes to save and get his daughter back, etc. These characters hope for something drives them to take action, even if said action would cause harm for the other characters. For example, Beatrice and her family were turned into bluebirds and she desperately wants everyone to turn back human, enough so to make a deal with on of the antagonists Adelaide – where she has to get Adelaide a child servant for a pair of magical scissors which will turn her and her family human.


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