Vroom!: Final Evaluation

Since the start of this project i had a very clear idea in my head, i knew i wanted to create something futuristic, with lots of mechanical aspects, glowing lights, and robots. Although i did start off with a strong thought of what i wanted to do, the idea still went through many changes straight to the end. The main changes were the vehicle choices – originally i had the idea for the vehicles to have a robot animal theme, mainly horses at first, but i scrapped that idea before a pencil even came into contact with page in my book. It took a while, but i eventually chose to go with a more traditional style of car and bikes (but of course with a sci-fi twist).

I focused in detail on colour while creating my three teams and other parts in my game, colour psychology taking root in every design.
Blue is seen as intelligence, peace, calmness, etc.
Red is tied to power, excitement, passion, etc.
And green is linked to luck, nature, health. etc.

I chose to use birds to assist the teams’ robots, the reason why is because . The breed of all the birds have the colour word i used for the name of the three teams (ex. Team Carmine has a Southern Carmine Bee Eater). Although, i must admit that my water coloured birds in my sketchbook didn’t particularly look robot like – even though that was the aim. I did paint the eyes the name colours rather than their naturally dark coloured eyes to try to hint towards that their robots.

I worked on Typography initially in my book, testing out how the words i used in all-caps, bold, cursive, etc. The style i decided in my book changed when create it digitally, as i felt that it visually worked better when i did it digitally compared to hand drawn.

Even before creating my final piece, i had a very specific idea on how i wanted it to look.
I created my final piece in Photoshop. I used a variety of different tools and effects within the program to make my final piece the way i think best suited the style i wanted to get across. For a lot of the piece i used the gradient overlay effect, like the road, the sidewalks and walls on each side. The glowing lights took many layers to get the bright effect i envisioned, but in the end (with a quite a bit of practicing) i managed to more or less achieve what i wanted. I used the brush tool for the lights, with layers of low opacity to build up the glow.
The first move i made to create my final piece was to go onto google maps, find the perfect first person position where i had planed to use for my track, and took a screen shot. I chose to do the point right at the start of the track. I then continued to trace out the basics of the make, like the road and its details. I used the polygonal lasso tool to create the shape of everything.
For the buildings in the background i used the polygonal lasso tool to create the basic outline of the shape, then used the fill bucket to give the buildings its block colour. To create a far away, out of focus look to the background buildings, i used the blur tool.
Since i chose to use Team Azure for my final piece i used a lot of blue all over the piece, but if i had used any of the other teams then all the blue effects would have been the teams colour (red for Team Carmine, and green for Team Emerald).
The HUDs on the piece a up on the left and right side of the screen as the player is looking through the robots eyes, and the robots have this vision built into their vision.

Overall, i am fairly happy with my final piece and work leading up to it. If i were to change anything with how i approached this brief then i would have explored my idea in deeper detail, like create more variations with some of the sketches and planning.


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