Research: Legal and Ethical Aspects

Legal issues and Ethical choices greatly play an important role in creating games, every detail within a game relies heavily on what ethics the creator either has or is allowed or what they are able to legally add into the game – like what is copyrighted as an example.

Intellectual Property Law

Trademark – identifies a symbol, design, word, device, or expression from other goods.

Service mark – similar to trademark, service mark identifies services.

^^^ neither of these can prevent others from creating things similar but under a different trademark.

Copyright – protects someone’s or a group of people’s expression of an idea, it cannot protect just an idea it has to have a form like a piece of artwork or a poem as examples. It is usually set for a certain amount of time.

Although ethics are often times more of a personal opinion that varies between person to person , there are general ethics that most agree on. Ethics to do with games would include how a person creates a game or approaches certain aspects – like what themes. plot, or subject matters  they are willing to include that may be considered taboo to themselves or others, or maybe if they are morally ok to copy or steal others work regardless on whether they are doing it legally or not.


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