The 3 Teams: XP and Power-ups

Once the player accumulates full XP within the game at any point, a power-up is unlocked to use only once until XP is at its full again.

Both the Robot and its bird can use power-ups. They each have one individual power move to use. Any use of the bird when controlling it will cause time to slow down so the player can create
The birds XP is easier and quicker to gain and use compared to the robot.

Team Azure:

Azure Power-ups:
Health Damage to Opponents: Varies
Description: when Azure uses this power-up, they are instantly protected from any attack or damage to their health, and any attack that the opponents try to do to Azure backfires.

Lapis Power-ups:
All Mine:
Damage to Opponents: 20 for birds; 30 for robots
Description: every single item nearby is completely locked off from everyone else apart from Team Azure, every item that Team Azure gets are beneficial to them whether it be a health kit of some kind or a speed boost – whatever is needed at the time. If an opponent tries to get an item they get harmed.

Team Carmine:

Carmine Power-ups:
Health Damage To Opponents: 30 for birds; 45 for robots.
Description: using this power-up, Carmine can steal health from any of the other opponents that can add to theirs. Carmine can take health from either the other robots or their birds. They can take the maximum of 45/100 health and minimum of 15/100 from robots and the maximum of 30/50 and minimum of 10/50 from birds.

Cinnabar Power-ups:
Helping Hand:
Health Damage To Opponents: 25 for birds; 40 for robots.
Description: Cinnabar can call upon a flock other robotic Southern Carmine Bee-Eaters to attack. They use the hunting strategy hawking on the other teams birds if the birds are in flight (which they usually are). They attack anything close by, and surround nearby bird baths – in turn making them unusable for any of the other teams.

Team Emerald:

Emerald Power-ups:
Rabbits Foot:
Health Damage to Opponents: none
Description: Emerald’s speed increases when they use their power-up, more than any speed boost item can. They can zoom around the map like a rabbit, so quickly they can break down any obstacle in their path, even an object blocking a secret path if they use their ‘Prophesy Pendant’ at the same time.

Beryl Power-ups:
Health Damage to Opponents: 25 to birds; 35 to robots
Description: Beryl can create a sonic screech that can paralyze and shut down other birds and damage the opponents around. Beryl’s screech can break down any obstacle on the road.


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