The 3 Teams: Items

Each team can store up to five items, and they all have their own items catered to assist and aid them as well a few general ones like medicals kits. All attack items are team specific. All items are random chance.
Easy (easy chance to get); Medium (medium chance to get); Difficult (difficult chance to get); Rare (very difficult chance to get, almost impossible).

General Items:

Small Medical Kit – adds 15 health – chance of getting: easy
Medium Medical Kit – adds 25 health – chance of getting: easy
Large Medical Kit – adds 50 health – chance of getting: medium

Small Speed boost – increases speed by 20% – chance of getting: easy
Large Speed boost – increases speed by 50 % – chance of getting: difficult

Item magnet – attracts items even from afar, kept in inventory, can be used three times at any time – chance of getting: difficult
Lucky Item Magnet – same as Item Magnet, but takes up two item spaces and brings better items that the player needs – chance of getting: rare

Team specific items:

Team Azure:

Lazuli Choker – wearing this piece of jewelry instantly increases the damage to any and all attack by 10%, only Azure can wear this – chance of getting: medium

Ultramarine dust – this is an item that only this blue teams bird can find and use either on itself or on Azure, it instantly fills up the entire health bar for the chosen person who is using it, it can only be used once but at anytime the player wishes – chance of getting: difficult

Team Carmine:

Paralyze – using this causes any teams bird nearby to shut down thus becoming inactive and unusable for an entire lap, can only be used for Carmine and can only be used once- chance of getting; medium

Merchant Stone: attracts any good items regardless of difficulty of getting, can either used for Cinnabar or Carmine, can be used two times – chance of getting: difficult

Team Emerald:

Prophesy Pendant: using this pendant can change Emeralds vision as secrets are revealed, like what items are ahead and if there are any complications or problems on the road ahead, can only be used on Emerald, can only be used once – chance of getting: medium

Ring of Intellect – similar to the Prophesy Pendant, but it offers either Beryl or Emerald the ability to see the competitors health and what attack would cause the most damage, can be used twice – chance of getting: difficult


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