The 3 teams: birds names

Lapis the Azure Jay:

The reason i chose the name Lapis for team Azure’s bird, is because it is derived from the gemstone Lapis Lazuli – which is a stone with an intense blue colour and was mined as early as the 7th millennium BC. The blue gemstone was mined for various different uses, like jewelry, ornaments, or ground into Ultramarine to be used as a pigment in oil paint (Ultramarine is one of the most expensive of all blue pigments). It also is believed to aid healing and enhance intellect, something I am incorporating within my design for Lapis the bird.
Info about Lapis Lazuli

Cinnabar the Southern Carmine Bee Eater

I chose Cinnabar as the name of the bird for the team Carmine as it is a Sulfide Mineral, which can share the same red hue (as the intensity of the red can vary between each individual mineral). The term Carmine can be derived or interpreted by many different words from many different languages, all of which connecting and inspiring each other.
Cinnabar is also believed to aid health problems and improve physical strength. Cinnabar is known as the merchants stone – supposedly attracting and increasing wealth. Cinnabar the bird is going to have these aspects listed involved with its design.
Info about Cinnabar
Info about Carmine

Beryl the Blue Tailed Emerald

I chose to call the bird Beryl is because the gemstone Emerald is a green variety of the mineral Beryl. Aspects of lore from both Beryl’s overall and the green Beryl Emeralds are things I’m including into the birds design. Part of some lore behind Beryl, is that it increases intelligence and reduces tiredness. Emeralds are also believed reason and wisdom – considered to be a stone of prophesy as well as other qualities such as success, love and others similar properties.
Info about Emerald
Info about Beryl


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