The 3 Teams: The Racers

Team Azure:

This blue teams’ robot uses its intelligence and sharp eye to make its way through the race. They calculate and examine every move, every turn, every detail to gain the best outcome. They will find every secret and use everything they can to their advantage. Since this teams’ robot is agile, they can go through small secret places and dangerous paths with ease.They are selfish  – a rare item only they can collect gives them an extra item space that can only be used once.
Unfortunately, their health is weaker as it takes them longer to health naturally without health packs – as well as it being harder for them to acquire larger heath packs.


Team Carmine:

Power, strength, and brute force is what this red teams’ robot specializes in to win the race. They strive to take down the other players to win before they even cross the final finish line to win. Being the last one standing brings greater victory and satisfaction to them over raking first with the others still able to cross the line – although having both would be ideal. Although, out of the lap they are less bloodthirsty, and wouldn’t let it go to their head or taunt the other racers if they win.
A weakness of the red teams’ robot is that they are more difficult to control and are less agile than the others.


Team Emerald:

With its good, strong health and lucky ability to acquire the right items and objects at the perfect time, this green teams’ robot uses to survive the race. This happy-go-lucky and positive robot loves to win and succeed, they will pull out all the stops to make it to that finish line before everyone else – but strongly wants to avoid losing all their health most of all as it is their strongest point. They don’t mind causing a little chaos behind them to the other competitors as they go – even if their attack isn’t particularly strong. They may have good offense but their weak defense in terms of attack is a downfall.




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