Ambient Sound Loop Final Evaluation/Presentation Script

I started the project with research on the racing game ‘Real Racing 2’ – focusing mainly on the audio aspect. I looked at both diegetic and non-diegetic sound within the game. Once I had finished with ‘Real Racing 2’ I developed my research further by looking at audio from other racing games.

I went through a couple of ideas for what i would like to do for my final piece, like whether i wanted to do something diegetic or non-diegetic.

Within the ambient sound loop assignment, I created two audio file final pieces on garage band. I chose to make my pieces entirely parallel to each other, to create a strong contrast between the two. Although I made them with distinct genre differences, I still used the same beat but just simply presented it in two different styles.

For my first audio file, I went for a more energetic, fast-pace, and electronic theme. I found issues with this piece while making it, particularly around the middle. I think struggled because before this brief I haven’t had the chance to properly do such a task, and also the music style might not be something I am skilled at.

For my second audio file, I made it simpler and calmer – especially compared to my first audio file. I made this with the image of a calmer track in mind, one more for entertainment purpose rather than a competitive one. An example of scenery I mentally pared with this audio would be by a beach, more so in the morning or evening with soft lighting. I preferred creating this softer style of music over my first final piece.

Over all, I am fairly happy with my final pieces, specifically my second one. Although it took me a while, I managed to overcome the problems and setbacks that occurred while making the audio the best I could.


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