Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 is a racing game released in December 16 2010 by Firemint for iOS, Android, OS X Lion, and Windows Phone 8. On March 11 2011, a separate iPad version was released. The game is a sequel to Real Racing, which was released in 2009, and got itself a sequel called Real Racing 3 in 2013.
The player is placed onto a variety of different tracks within the game. The tracks are: McKinley Circuit, Forino Valley, King’s Speedway, Montclair, Richmond Plains, Sonoma Canyon, Krugerfontein, Notting Forest, Alkeisha Island, Aarlburg Forest, Mayapan Beach, Chengnan, Castellona Bay, San Arcana and Balladonia Raceway.
The look of the track and the environment it holds easily effects the player just as much as the music and sound it features. For example Mayapan Beach has a mix an open grassy area with stands filled with roaring crowds and towering city buildings. Another example is the track San Arcana it uses similar colour brick buildings of varying sizes and distance between each other tightly surrounding the road, with bleachers of fans only at the lap/finishing line, so the noise of in-game fans and on-lookers is limited compared to Mayapan Beach map.

Non-Diegetic sound within the game would mainly be the soundtrack. The music in the soundtrack is lively, fast pace music. With this style of music, it gives an adrenaline filled, intense atmosphere to the game, and sets the player on an excited edge. The music featured within the game mostly seems to be singles from artists rather than just using music solely create for the game and the game only. The genre of music that is used are dubstep, indie rock, Electropop, D&B, Electronic rock, and most of all above all else is Electronica – which is used for at least eleven songs.
The Diegetic sound of the zooming cars with their loud motors and environment around, creates a sense of energy and rush to the player. Causing such a feeling to the player would enforce the realism that the game aims for, on par with its graphics and Diegetic sound,as it is a racing simulator.

When on the menu screen, the music slows down to a more calmer pace, significantly paralleling all the other sounds within the main game play. I assume the reason that the creators chose to do this is to give a more soothing feeling to the probably energetic player who had just finished a race, placing them in a tranquil space or atmosphere compared to when they are racing in one of the tracks.

Overall, i do feel as though the game uses rather generic and often used choice of sound and music, although that isn’t to say such a choice doesn’t create an unfun and unpleasant experience and isn’t effective in its task of creating a dynamic racing game, as it has obviously worked in the past and still does. The game has gotten amazing scores and rating among critics, getting 95% from GameRankings, 94 out of 100 from Metacritic, and 9 out of 10 from IGN, and much other highly positive responses.




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