Contemporary Poster Design

Poster design today has so many ways to express its purpose. Designers aren’t as limited, different types of materials in particular, as they were in the past. Now with more developed computers and programs to use, there are even more ways designers can create and showcase their work.


This poster was made by the artist who went under the pseudonym ‘Cassandre’, a famous artist of the movement Art Deco, where he made many well-known poster designs. He created this poster within the early 20th century.


This poster is obviously inspired by the art movement Art Deco, and unfortunately i couldn’t find the original designer of the poster. This poster was the winner from an competition made by the Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Weekend. (link to competition website on name).
Despite the fact that this poster design and the Normandie piece shares the Art Deco themed art style, they differ greatly. Cassandre’s design has the ship as one single focus, front and center whereas the competition winners poster brings in a whole range of different parts that creates a lively scene full of movement. Another difference would be the colour pallet of each design. The Normande uses very little colour, opting to stick to a more muted and monotone amount of colour with only a little red on the ship. And then the Art Deco Weekend poster holds a vivid amount of colours, ranging from the bright green grass to the light yellow on both the car and flag.

Another winner of the competition created a design similar to the Normandie poster displayed at the top of this post. Unfortunately, i also couldn’t find the artist for this piece, even through the official contest website.


Although the designer features a ship alike to the one Cassandre used in his Normandie piece, along with the chosen colour scheme of the image, they still differentiated themselves enough for it to be individual. To me, what made it stand out as a more independent piece is the layout and composition. If one were to consider the ship featured either the same or inspired by the Normandie poster, then this is like how someone could see the ship at another angle, showing what wasn’t seen in Cassandre’s piece. Again, If this was taken as the Normandie ship, then it would be showing the vessel in another light, one with more life surrounding as you can see the city in the back and a lot smaller ship in front – the smaller ship showing how large the Normandie-esque actually is in comparison.

The reason why I decided to use these two similar poster designs to compare was to show that even though we have moved forwards in technology and how we create our work digitally, designers today haven’t really changed.

Art Movements and art styles from the past for posters still influence present day designers and continues to hold significant importance today just as much as newer, more modern styles. Just because we create new styles and ways to present our ideas doesn’t mean we should drop what has been created before since art is something which has almost infinite possibilities that should never be constrained to fit one singular form.


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