Architecture Poster Final Evaluation

I drew various pencil sketches of poster ideas, which slowly got more detailed bit by bit. I started with just monotone normal pencils then branched out in colour, using coloured pencils and water colour paints. I took my three favorite ideas and developed them digitally on Photoshop.

Once I created a simple, black and white image, I explored colour design. Adobe Colour aided me on some parts, like which shades and tones of which hue to use for complimentary . On each of the three designs I gave them a few themes relating to colour, like darker, softer colours to relate to nighttime and brighter, vibrant colours to relate to the daytime.

When creating my final design, I first chose a light colour and used the bucket tool to make the background layer. After I made my base, I used the select tool to build the city skyline and used the fill bucket to add colour- starting off with a darker colour of the original base one and slowly building up until i reached the background colour once again for the lowest city layer. i repeated that process until i made my final amount of city layers.

At first, I just used a temporary font style for my digitally made poster designs so i could see where i wanted the text to go then later researched different font styles. I looked at the font styles both already on Photoshop and on font websites. After going though the font styles on one of my final piece ideas to see how it looked, I ended up preferring the temporary font I had originally chosen from the beginning.

Once I had finished creating all of my digital design ideas, I struggled to choose which one i wanted for my final design. Since i created a wide range of different ideas that played with colour choice, typography layout, and other such things, my indecisiveness took over. Luckily, with some help I decided on my purple city skyline design.

If i were to change anything about my final design, then i would have worked more on my typography, like the layout and sizing of the words. Although I am happy with my chosen font, i would have liked to experiment more with how i wanted to display it.


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