Printing timeline sky.jpg

Woodblock printing was used throughout East Asia for printing images, text, and patterns. It originated in China, the earliest surviving examples date to before 220 AD.

Moveable type printing uses movable components, which are usually singular letters or punctuation used on paper. It was first invented in ancient China. Ceramic Porcelain china was used in the first moveable printing press technology for paper books in 1040 AD.

Printing Press was made in 1440 in the Roman Empire that used pressure to an inked surface on a print medium – e.g. paper, etc. Once the process is complete, the chosen shape of the ink (usually text) transferred onto the print medium.

Etching was a type of printmaking dating back to at least the Middle Ages but may go back further. The traditional way of this method is to use strong acid or mordant to cut into unprotected parts of a metal surface, an intaglio is used to etch the chosen design.

Mezzotint is a printmaking process which uses a “rocker” – a metal tool with small teeth – on a plate to create a high level of quality image. The “rocker” roughens up the plate with lots of little dots that holds ink to form an image or design.

Screen Printing uses mesh to transfer ink onto a chosen surface area underneath the mesh, with a stencil between the mesh and chosen surface (often a type of material) to filter through where the ink will and will not go. A blade or squeegee is used to push the ink through the mesh and stencil design.

Thermal Printing is a digital printing process, it uses thermal paper that passes over a thermal print head to create an image. The thermal paper has a special coating that selectively heats specific areas, which turns black while being heated.

3D Printing is a printing process created in 1984 that synthesizes a three-dimensional object using a computer with layers of material to form the 3D object of almost any chosen shape and design. Data from a digitally designed 3D model.

Digital Printing uses a digitally based image to print in various different methods on a printer, like laser or inkjet. It was created in the late 20th century, within the 1990’s. There are more professional versions with more technical steps and are on a larger scale than the more smaller and simpler household digital printers.


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