Monster Story Intro

With a sudden inhale, she woke up neatly tucked into a warm and cosy bed. she strained to keep her tired eyes open as she took in her surroundings. there was a plain white lamp on an old looking bed-side table. Next to the lamp was messy stack of books, all varying in size, cover style, and colour theme. perched at the top of the pile was a circular ticking pastel blue clock, its hands were positioned on 12:15. She assumed it was midnight due to the complete and utter lack of light. she could barely just see the rest of the room. a closed door could be made out on the wall directly opposite to where she lay. There was another identical door on the wall to her left, which hung slightly ajar.

With a heavy head and tense, locked limbs she dragged her body up into a sitting position. other than the quiet creek of her bed as she moved, there had been absolutely no sound. the lack of any noise didn’t really affect her, but it did leave an almost empty feeling. her barely open eyes continued to survey her bedroom. there was a tall double – doored white-wood wardrobe, the doors both had hand painted flowers. to the left of the door was a desk littered with a mess of objects, ranging from more books, to pencils, plants, and other stationary items. a black laptop sat somewhere in the mess. A rather out of place wooden chair with pink floral padding sat next to the disorderly desk. it’s shape looked as if it belonged at a dinning table rather than a bedroom. Hung on its back were a few articles of clothing arranged in a way that it could resemble a person. being in such dark lighting, she became rather unsettled by that sight. falling prey to her usual paranoid thoughts, she decided to quickly turn on her bed-side lamp. the light instantly illuminated the room, removing any sinister shadows and unnerving thoughts. She instantly felt more relaxed. she slouched against the backboard of her bed and lowered her head, her messy and tangled icy lavender dyed hair fell over her face.

After a deep and irritated sigh, and a rough rub of her eyes, she decided to try and get up and go get a glass of water. Once again, the bed creaked, the noise filling up the room. She stood up and shivered. She held her bare arms as an attempted to get away from the cold. A black hoodie hung on her desk chair, so she swiftly grabbed it and put it on. Her feet, with colourful, mix-matching socks, didn’t make a single sound as she moved towards the closed door opposite her. She slipped through with her head held low. As she looked up, her breath hitched in her throat. She  immediately tried to open the door that she just closed but it wouldn’t budge. She slowly turned her head around, eyes now open wide. It was her bedroom. The bedroom she just walked out of. The atmosphere instantly dropped once she noticed her confusing surroundings, a chill running down her spine. Her words got stuck as she took a few hesitant steps forwards. This had to be a dream. It had to be.


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