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I want my game to incorporate both indoor and outdoor elements on the map. The indoor places would be small, abandoned houses/cabins where the player can find supplies to survive – like light source refills – and possibly give a place of respite for the player to regain health and/or stamina – maybe by a lit fireplace.
The outdoor areas will take up the majority of the map, the player having to maneuver through a wintry landscape almost completely obscured in darkness.


Maya tutorials


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Space Ship:

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 09.18.31

This spaceship was made using cube objects, and manipulating them using the (uuughh) to create this chair like space ship. It was more so as a way to get more familiar with the tools, as Maya is a program i haven’t ever used before.


Game play styles: Adventure and Platformer (Including ‘Night in the Woods’ and ‘)


Adventure games has the player – often always single player – become the protagonist of a game to explore and interact with the world built within. Story is a big focus in adventure games.

Game example:

Night in the Woods

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It is a story driven, single-player adventure game, which uses exploration as a key element. The game deeply involves its many characters and mental health. It has a long, rich story that takes the player through the old home town of the college dropout main character Mae as she reconnects with old friends and the slow unraveling of a mystery running through the town as she struggles with her mental health.

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The game is visually 2d with often flat, block colours. Seasonal colours also have an impact on the colour scheme, so lots of autumnal shades are featured. I find the colour scheme really aesthetically pleasant, its neither harsh on the eyes nor boring.

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Game Idea: ‘Scared of the Dark’ story and characters

My game features the main playable character Clara, who’s goal is to stay only in the light and completely out of darkness, as it is made out of the second character The Dark. Any contact with the dark and shadows will result in the players death.

The player, as Clara, must safely work her way to safety through a cold, winter landscape at night . The game will start off in the evening, but soon progress into the pitch black night. They will encounter various problems and obstacles, such as keeping a light source stable and maneuvering through the map.

Clara is a girl determined on surviving in this less than pleasant situation.
Clara’s character design is made to match the snowy weather in the game, she wears a large hooded coat-dress with lots of fur accents and boots – also with fur.
The name Clara means ‘bright, clear’.

The Dark is based on Nyctophobia – the extreme or irrational fear of the night or of darkness. For further development, I researched Shadow People, which is a shadowy humanoid figure perceived as a paranormal or supernatural being, but is also heavily tied to psychological aspects as results of sleep paralysis and sleep deprivation. In a paranormal aspect it is undetermined whether or not Shadow People pose as a threat or are just neutral beings. Although Shadow People are reported to appear as a humanoid shape, where as my antagonist is visually just shadows with no other specific form than what the environment supplies.
The Dark’s character design consists of tons of eyes all in varying shapes and sizes.

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Name title as just ‘Scared of the Dark’, or ‘Scared of the Dark?’ with a question mark.



Retro Videogames: PT2.

Legend of Zelda

Image result for the legend of zelda original
Image result for the legend of zelda original

This classic fantasy adventure game series is a favorite for many – obviously myself included. The game series have heavily impacted the gaming scene, from your typical gamers to game creators.

The original was released in 1986 by Nintendo, it’s sold over 6.5 million copies and became a bestseller for the company . The main protagonist Link is used by the player to complete puzzles, fight enemies, and work through the story of (usually) saving Princess Zelda, defeating Ganon, and saving Hyrule. Throughout its years of instillation with the series, every game holds its own atmosphere and aesthetic – the original carrying its classic style and upbeat feelings, Twilight Princess giving a darker, grittier feel.

The original game uses lots of bright, uncomplicated, block colours. Green being the most obviously prominent colour used throughout.

Image result for the legend of zelda original

What i like within the series is the rich, detailed, and imaginative story that’s driven throughout each game, sure it has the fairly generic plot of ‘save the princess; defeat the bad guy’ running through the majority of the games, but the way they use it stands out to me. They take the generic ‘save the princess; defeat the bad guy’ and build off of it with every character, every puzzle, every environment used to bring more life and dimension to the game.



Mario Bros

Player characters Mario and Luigi surrounded by the three enemies in the game.

As another classic, this platform game series garners worldwide fans – not just the usual gamers recognize the colorful characters.
Nintendo released this in 1983, originally made for arcades but has since been re-released on a variety of consoles within the Nintendo franchise. the series has received a mass of instillation throughout the years from the debut of the first game.

The game series as a whole uses lots of vivid and bright colours, from the character designs and objects surrounding them.

An aspect about the series that i appreciate is the connection it can bring within people.  Although the Zelda series does have this affect as well, i feel that the Mario Bros series brings together more of the general public, and – like i stated briefly in the beginning –  people who wouldn’t particularly consider themselves a gamer, or even simply a casual gamer for that matter.