Final Major Project Evaluation and Final Animation

I chose the ambitious task of making a short animations for my final major project of this course.

Even before i started this project, there were already artists and artwork that have inspired me to pursue animation, and many of them help me develop my fmp. My research on existing artists and animations was based very much so on artwork and themes similar to ones included within Mirabilia – like the lines surrounding characters. The majority of my research was online, searching and analiazing existing animations, animatics, and their artists. I looked at a mix of well-known professional series, independant pieces.

Initially, the plan was to animate a specific scene sequence from Mirabilia that I had written into the story, but soon shifted towards making a collection of short and snappy scenes to create an almost trailer or teaser like animation, a key purpose of this animation is to present the most important characters, their personalities, and a basic introduction to the first layer of the story.

I know that my animations skills lean more towards the movement of the characters and their emotions rather than the backgrounds and scenery,
The largest majority of my animation was from my imaginations, the scenes included have always been on my mind in some form since but due to minimal personal time to pursue Mirabilia visually with my art restricted me greatly in acting on these ideas. Few parts were based on observation, but were imperative to my animation none the less.

I found the program Adobe Animate easier to use and maneuver than primary assumptions, its key-framing process was a great tool for creating fluid movement with the Mirabilia characters.

A large reason as to why i stuck to a more structured, clean, and geometric-like art style was mainly due to the restraints on detail within Adobe Animate. The concept art made with Adobe Photoshop. So unfortunately, to have Mirabilia use the movement wanted, some sacrifices on detail and had to be made, particularly if i wanted to fully create within the time restraint of the brief.
Although that style is often what i lean more towards in my artwork, there are often a lot more detail included with the characters that i couldn’t do in this final animation.

Yes, i could get the preferred detail and depth to the art in Photoshop, but Animate brings the ability to control the scene.

These two programs both hold great strengths and weaknesses to the work,


Throughout the animation are various hidden meanings that might not be easily recognized or understood without previous knowledge or particular further research. The flower of language is used to express the emotions and personality of some characters or the atmosphere of the scene, as well as colour psychology. Even though these implications are particularly obscure, the meaning and importance still holds regardless. If anything, i want the view to try to decipher the meanings, as every single thing in the majority of my work hold an abundance of secrets, from the colour and genus of a flower, to the simple colour of a characters eyes or lipstick. One can look at the night sky and see a blanket of stars and others constellations that holds stories, personalities, and greater meaning than just an arrangement of pretty exploding balls of hydrogen and helium.

Along with the majority of my work overall – not just with this fmp – eyes play a very major and obvious part. I’m not certain what exactly draws me to eyes within my work, but they still hold a strong place. It could possibly be because of the saying ‘eyes are the window to the soul’, the versatility of emotions that can be displayed in the eyes is fascinating.
Within my animation there are a handful of scenes specifically centered around eyes. An example would be Mira’s glitching eyes part, the emotions i was aiming to convey was her determination and drive. It also hints towards more depth and secrets to Mira than what meets the eye because of this unnatural effect.
Another example would be the scene with many eyes surrounded in darkness. These shadowed people are continually present in some form in scenes in the animation. In the specific scene I’m referring to, it is meant to show the constant eyes watching and following that are on Milo and Mira in this missing sister case. It is also referred that at the end Mira is taking them all out.

There were a variety of unforseeen technical difficulties, which caused particular distress and misshap regarding files. Some progression on scenes were lost in some form due to these technical errors, so time was put to redrawing, fixing, and cleaning up scenes and files rather than moving on to create more scenes and finishing on time.

If i were to change anything on my animation if i had more time and skill, i would add in the parts that had to be cut out and add a few scenes to show the aesthetics of the world that Mirabilia exists in.


Adobe Animate tests

Here i made a few animation tests in Adobe Animate, i did these tests to figure out the controls and tools of the program and assess on whether or not i should proceed with it.
It was also a way to figure out what art style i should go for my final animation, as a few have crossed my mind.

For my first attempt i stuck to very basic sketchy lines and little movement.



For my second attempt i used very clean and crisp lines, the movement more fluid than the last.



Another one i made using Milo uses i mix of the last two styles, more similar to the second one.


I quite like the way the program controls for the character movement, some of the tools inside are new to me but i still find the program a good choice to use for my final animation. Also, I prefer the second style the best.

Background and enviroment designs

Mira’s apartment:


Mir’s apartment embodies the Art Deco style both inside and out, so i made sure to design the building and the rooms interior with that theme running through. The entrance room Milo and Mira will be in incorporates lots of browns, golds, and darker reds – creating a more warm but business orientated atmosphere.


nondescript Outside:


The outside backgrounds mainly incorporated light colours, such as greys, greens, and purples. I want the outside to particularly contrast Mira’s place.